White Wedding Dresses

11th April 2022

White Wedding Dresses

So, let’s talk about White Wedding dresses…Of course that’s the dress you dream of from being a little girl because that’s the colour all brides are supposed to wear, right?

Wrong! Now although there are the odd few dresses available in bright white most bridal gowns on the market are not actually available in White and instead only come in ‘Ivory’. Now, to the naked eye most dresses (especially on photos) will all appear the same white tone but in person there are considerably different…

white wedding dress

Why do they not make White dresses?

True White dresses have a very cool base and instead of complimenting your skin they are likely to wash most skin tones out and who doesn’t want to glow on their wedding day?!

white/ivory wedding dress

Ivory is still a bright white colour but is much softer on skin as it does not have the blue tones. It also helps ensure beading and applique on the dresses blend together to sparkle perfectly In the light.

What is the difference between ‘White’ and ‘Ivory’?

Ivory is known as the most ‘universally flattering’ version of white. It is a ‘shade’ of white instead of white in its purest shade that can be cold and very harsh.

white wedding dress in a dark room

Is Ivory the same as Cream?

No, although ivory is a shade of white containing yellow hues it is still a bright shade and to the naked eye will appear ‘White’ unlike cream which has definite yellow tones that make it darker.

white wedding dress outside

Are bridal gowns available in any other colours?

different colour wedding dress

Of course! In fact, we specialise in dresses that are a little different and most of our sample gowns that you try will have a base colour of champagne or nude to really make the detail ‘pop!’.

wedding dress
wedding dress outside near trees

Dare to be different and why not choose a dress with a hint of colour?

Whether you go Champagne, blush, nude, oyster, peach or even grey you will be sure to turn heads!

white dress outside

If you are really looking for a showstopper why not go for a metallic tone? Silver, gold or champagne are all guaranteed to have all eyes on you!

metallic tone wedding dress

I suppose the main thing you need to consider when searching for ‘The One’ is what colour feels more YOU?

wedding dress at the beach

If you feel confident and classy in Ivory then do it!

ivory wedding dress

Or if you want to literally ‘Go for Gold!’ then why not?!

gold wedding dress

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