How To Make Your Wedding Stand Out

16th June 2023

Whether you want to stick to traditions or make your own, the most important thing to consider when planning your big day is that it feels like YOU!

When planning, it is very easy to start focusing on what other people want and expect for you and this is where I feel most couples loose sight of what is actually important.

Of course, we all want a fabulous wedding that all our guests love but you cannot lose sight of what the day is actually about…The two of you!

So, when people wonder how to make their day stand out, I would say that it’s simple…Do what you like and the rest will fall into place!

Of course, some couples love tradition and we are all here for that so if you want to stick to the classics then go for it. Keep things stylish and sleek, you know it will never be out of fashion.

If you want to mix it up and go completely rogue, we say DO IT! If you never stick to traditions usually then don’t feel obliged to do it just because it feels expected. If you want to rock a fashion forward dress or have your bridesmaids in white then why not?!

Do what makes you comfortable…Too many times couples feel obliged to stick to wedding traditions but you need to ask yourself are you doing things a certain way because you want them like that? (In which case then absolutely!) or are you doing things because you feel like people expect you to?

If your groom, best man or father of the bride is feeling anxious about making a speech then don’t make them. We have seen plenty of times where people expected to make a speech don’t even enjoy the day because all they can think about is the speech they are expected to make later. Of course, if they are comfortable and willing to make one then yes let’s do it! But all I’m meaning is that if a guest or family member is feeling anxious then why not ask them to write it to give to you but don’t force them to stand up in front of everyone if they aren’t feeling up to it.

Don’t think a wedding cake is worth it? Opt for a fabulous dessert or cheese boards instead. We have all been to those weddings where couples spend hundreds on a cake for it to be left at the end of the night and if you feel like this will happen to you then why not go for something different.

Not feeling the classic bridesmaid style or colours? No problem, you do you! Of course, the pale pinks, pastels and sage greens are lovely but they aren’t the only options. If you want to make your wedding really unique then maybe plan a theme (No I don’t mean fancy dress by the way…) but maybe turn your December wedding into a winter wonderland, have your autumn wedding as a Gatsby style or put a boho spin on your summer nuptials…

The possibilities really are endless when you stop worrying what everyone else wants and focus on what you two envisage for your day.

All this goes for when choosing your dress too…Even if it is not what your family and friends imagined you in, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear it! Whether you all agree or not, if you love a dress and feel special then you should wear it.

Of course, we know we all want opinions from our nearest and dearest and I think it is good to get peoples thoughts and feelings but I just mean that essentially it is your choice so make sure you choose for YOU!

Here’s our top picks of unique wedding gowns to make sure that your wedding stands out…

‘If you want to sparkle, we say GO FOR IT!’

stand out wedding dress

‘Release your inner Carrie Bradshaw with fashion forward features…’

stand out wedding dress

‘Think PINK! After all, who said you have to wear white?’

‘Calling all boho babes!’

‘Dare to bare…If you want unique, why not opt for a dress with a split…’

‘Undecided if you want a full or a fitted skirt? Who says you have to choose…opt for an overskirt and you get the best of both worlds!’