Top Tips For Prom Dress Shopping

13th January 2022

Top Tips For Prom Dress Shopping

With proms just around the corner, we wanted to give you some top tips that you must know before choosing your dream prom dress!

With years of experience, we know everything that you could possibly need to know so you can sit back, relax and let our prom stylists show you how it is done…


When prom dress shopping, a lot of girls limit their options by saying no to some colours without even trying them. More often than not, a colour that you wouldn’t think suits you may actually be the most striking!

A lot of people think that due to their hair or skin tone they cannot wear certain colours but as I say I strongly suggest at least trying a few different colours and tones before you decide what you want – You may be surprised!


When they say ‘Let your dress do the talking’ they are right! Of course, you will need a matching bag and some fabulous shoes but don’t feel the need to go overboard on jewellery, hair and makeup.

Look to the red carpets for inspiration – You will find that keeping hair and makeup subtle and stylish your whole look will be even more glamourous and not to mention timeless.

When planning your look, you have to consider how everything will look together. The worst thing you can do is go overboard and then when you put on your dress, shoes, jewellery and have your hair and makeup done you no longer love the look.

It is very easy to go overboard so keep it elegant and stylish and you are sure to have heads turning…


They say you know when you have found your perfect dress and its true! You should instantly feel beautiful and confident when you find your dream dress.

The dress should perfectly show off your figure and you need to feel a million dollars in it. We know that everyone’s figure is unique and that is exactly why we want each girl to feel not only fabulous but also themselves on the night. Don’t think that you need to fit into a particular style of dress or wear a shape that you aren’t comfortable in because there will be a perfect prom dress just waiting for you!


It is your one day to go all out so why not?!

Your prom dress should represent YOU and you need to make sure that you feel confident and oh so fabulous! So, bear this in mind when prom dress shopping as you need to make sure your dress makes you feel like a movie star!

Whether you are looking to wow in a fitted style or you want to turn heads in a full and flirty skirt we have you covered!

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