What is our VIBE?

8th August 2023

Of course, we understand that when you start the search for your dress you may not know what you are looking for and this is completely understandable. Some girls have their exact dress in mind and some think they know what they want and end up choosing something completely different. The main thing is that you find ‘THE ONE’ no matter how you get there…

wedding dress vibe at The White Gallery Ramsbottom

When you start looking through boutiques you will find that each store has their own ‘vibe’ and it is so important to consider this! Let me explain why…

We know how exciting it can be when you start looking to book in lots of shops and try on loads of different styles and we are all for this! However, we do suggest doing a little research into the shops you book into before you go. Now although you may not know exactly what you want, we find that we all have a ‘VIBE’ of styles that we like the look of and are therefore more open to trying.  Before booking a store, we recommend stalking their social media to see if the styles of dresses that have in store are your kind of look.

As I mentioned, this does not mean that you need to know exactly what you are looking for but I mean that if you are drawn to simple style dresses then there would be no point visiting a shop that only has dresses with really heavy beading as this would mean that the store’s VIBE is just not really your style… I cannot stress this enough that this is completely fine!

Trust me, once you start looking with this in mind you will know what I mean. Each store will carry a selection of designers but you usually find that they all have something similar in common meaning they all work well within that particular store. If you look at a store and not only think, oh that dress is beautiful, but I can see myself in something like that then that is the kind of store you need to book into!

For example, if you are planning a gorgeous beach wedding and you see yourself as a boho babe in bare feet then it’s unlikely that you will find the right kind of dress in a store that focuses on heavy silk dresses with fuller skirts…Can you see that the VIBES aren’t quite, right?

So, what is the VIBE at The White Gallery?

We would describe our style as…






Let me explain…A lot of brides nowadays want something different and we are all for this but we never want it to be lost that you are a bride and this is your wedding day! With this in mind we always ensure that our styles are fashion forward but you always look like a bride.

After all, who doesn’t want guests to shed a tear on their wedding day?!

If you like what you see then what are you waiting for?!

Book your appointment now and have our bridal stylists help you find ‘THE ONE’…