Riki Dalal Dresses

14th September 2021

Riki Dalal Dresses

Our fabulous Riki Dalal collections have been a firm favourite with not only our brides but also our team ever since they launched in our store. The creativity and individuality of each design is unrivalled and the attention to detail is like no other – They really do create the most magical dresses perfect for your special day.

The company’s success story is actually just as fabulous – A real life ‘Cinderella’ story!

riki dalal wedding dress

Riki herself has been a Couture Bridal gown designer since 1974 but her story starts way before then…

Raised by a seamstress, she always had a keen interest in both dresses and design and fantasised about one day creating her own. At 17 she made herself her very own gown and the rest is history! She just never stopped creating and that is how one of Israels leading bridal brands was born…

For many years she created bridal gowns whilst raising her 4 children (I know! Supermum or what?!) just by word of mouth. This was until her eldest son Dady Dalal came into the picture. When he started working with his mum they took the brand from strength to strength and he helped his mum reach her full potential and grew the company to what it is today.

The Riki Dalal designers now have multiple collections made to suit every bride so we wanted to explain the differences between each sister brand in a little more detail…

The OG’s! Made specifically to your exact measurements – these dresses have daring cuts, sexy yet feminine elements, and unique lace patterns.


Each dress is captivating, infused with intricate beading, adorned with handmade applique, and made with the most impressive fabrics for a bold and trendy design.

bold riki dalal dress

Today with 38 years of experience in fashion, the Riki Dalal brand is the top leading Israeli bridal gown brand in the world. Riki’s dresses are featured in leading magazines, red carpet events, most viewed TV shows, and every collection is covered in hundreds of top blogs.

stunning riki dalal wedding dress

Despite Riki’s meteor success, each of her dresses is made with love, ensuring every bride gets to be a queen, wearing the perfect dress on her special day.

After the success of their Haute Couture collection, the group decided to launch NOYA by Riki Dalal. This is considered a ‘Ready to wear’ meaning that the dresses are made to order but instead of to your measurements they are created to the closest standard size and then altered by our seamstresses to fit you perfectly.

The collection is the quintessential epitome of glam and romance, expressed in cutting-edge designs and the designer’s signature silhouettes, accentuating the feminine figure, putting the spotlight on the bride’s uniqueness and realizing her dreams, in the most romantic and exquisite bridal line.

noya wedding dress outside

If you are looking for a showstopper then Noya will definitely have what you are looking for…

riki dalal noya wedding dress

The newest addition to the family, Liri Bridal speaks to every woman.

Liri is here to love and fit a diverse audience of brides to be. The goal is making every bride feel like a queen on her wedding day.

liri wedding dress

They say that confidence is the best thing a woman can wear and we couldn’t agree more. Focussing on this, the dresses perfectly showcase your silhouette whilst bringing some drama to your special day.

riki dalal liri dress

Liri’s bridal gowns are designed using lighter fabrics, versatile in style and meticulously designed. This collection is priced slightly lower than the other sister brands so with affordable prices so you can have your dreams without compromising.

beautiful liri wedding dress

Riki Dalal is a leading wedding dresses designer with 30 years of experience in the fashion industry and over 6 flagships stores and 200 boutiques stocking our dresses, around the globe.

A brand created with love and passion will always stand the test of time. With such innovative designs and stunning ideas, we are sure they will continue to create even more fabulous looks for our gorgeous girls!

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