9th August 2021


Like all our gorgeous girls we cannot wait for proms to be back with a bang! And we are absolutely sure that after the last few years they will be bigger and better than ever.

We are here to bring you glitz, glamour and so much more with our 2022 Prom Collection.

The new designs will arrive in store in November 2021, and they have definitely been worth the wait!

two angel forever dresses

With prom dress shopping just around the corner, we wanted to help get you prepared by answering all your frequently asked questions…

When is the best time to start looking?

We would advise that you wait until the new collection launches in November and then you can see all the new styles in one go. We know that everyone wants to be the first to choose their dress but trust us it is worth the wait to be able to try all the dresses together. If you start too early there is a chance that you might rush a decision and you may have preferred one of the new dresses more.

angel forever prom

What is the price range?

We have a large range of dresses available in store and they range from £265 – £440. If you have a price bracket that you would prefer to stick within, please just let us know and we will of course be more than happy to help. We would hate you to try a dress on, fall in love with it and then find out it is way over what you wanted to spend.

We also have a large collection of ‘Sample Sale’ Prom dresses that will be available. These are dresses that were samples in the last collection and are not able to be reordered so instead we offer the sample to be purchased at a reduced price. The ‘Sample Sale’ collection ranges from £99-£260.

sparkly prom dress

Do you need to know what you want before you come in?

It is good to have an idea of what you are looking for but don’t be too set until you have tried some styles on. You may surprise yourself!

We do not expect you to know exactly what you want or what suits you which Is why we are on hand to help.

As hard as it is within friendship groups, we also highly recommend that you try not to rule out too many options just because your friend may have that colour or shape. We know it’s easier said than done but from experience, if you leave yourself with limited options just because it may be slightly similar to something your friend likes you will not find it as easy. Just remember that there are only so many colours and styles available and all that matters is that you all look fabulous!

two angel forever prom dresses

What size and styles are the sample dresses?

We have a large range of colours and sizes for you to try on to see what suits you.

If you find your dress, then we order it into the store for you in the size and colour needed so even if the dress you want isn’t available to try in the correct size and your preferred colour you will be able to try the colour in another dress and we will be on hand to work out the size for you.

Believe it or not some prom dresses will be available in up to 10 colours! Now of course we would love to have all of them available to try but we cannot but we will be able to show the colour so you can confidently choose the best one for you.

blue and red prom dresses

As for sizing – Again there are so many options that we couldn’t possibly have each dress in for you to try but we do have a large range in the store for you to try. Some dresses are available in XXXS-XXL which is the equivalent to a UK size 4 – 18 so there is a size to suit everybody.

Our sample sizes are chosen from the sizes of dress ordered in the previous years so that our girls can get an accurate representation of how the dresses will fit when it is their own, so we usually have the samples in sizes 4-14/16. We never expect the dresses to fit perfectly (That is why we order them in just for you instead) but they do give us a good guide as to what would be best for you.

What if the dresses are too long or don’t fit perfectly even in my size?

Not to worry! We have some fabulous seamstresses that are available to alter your dress and make sure that it fits you perfectly. The dresses are quite often too long on most girls, but they are all made to be shortened. If any other alterations need doing, they can of course help with that.

angel forever prom dress

How long are the appointments and can I bring someone with me?

We of course want to give you plenty of time to try on lots of gorgeous dresses, so we book out just over half an hour for each appointment. This gives us more than enough time to try the dresses that you like on and hopefully find ‘The One.’

During the busy prom season, we run 2 appointments simultaneously so to avoid the showroom being overcrowded we do ask that you only bring 1 guest with you. (If this is an issue and you need to bring 2 guests then please contact us and we will be more than happy to help work something out for you).

What do I need to bring with me?

You don’t really need to bring anything apart from yourself! We have a block for you to stand on (This helps with the length of the dresses) so you will not need to wear heels. The dresses also have either moulded bra cups or built-in bras, so you won’t need to wear one.

We do recommend that you wear ‘Nude, No VPL’ underwear though as this will not be seen in the dresses and from experience bad underwear or being able to see it can really affect how the dress looks.

prom dress from the back

We also do not mind you wearing fake tan or makeup (Of course we want you to feel your best so if that is what you want to do, we are all for it!) but we just ask that please, please, please rinse your tan off before you try the dresses. If you do not it will stain the dresses

We absolutely cannot wait for prom to start again and to meet all your gorgeous girls!

We will start taking prom bookings from October 2021 so please call or email us to make your appointment. We can’t wait to meet you!

Need help finding your perfect dress?