Wedding Dress Trends 2020/2021

11th May 2020

Wedding Dress Trends 2020/2021

You want to know what’s coming our way in the bridal world…

The 2020/21 bridal fashion verdicts are officially in: prepare to be amazed by the new line-up! There really Is something for everyone. We’re here to help you girls save yourself hours of research, and we have brought together a hotlist of the key wedding dress trends fresh off the catwalks (you can thank us later). From capes to corsets, metallics to made to measure veils, we’ve got it all covered. So, all that’s left to do now, is read on for next season’s most uniquely beautiful big-day looks.

We’re bringing sexy back…

As with most trends we have seen underwear as outerwear before, but this season feels like corsets are back and bigger than ever! Yes, corsetry has been used in bridal wear since the dawn of time, but it has always been subtle and we say “Where is the fun in that?!”

Think striking silhouettes with sophisticated sexiness. We are all about innovative options for the modern-day bride and we are sure that you will love this style as much as we do. 

This trend works for not only a fitted dress but full ‘fairy-tale’ styles too…What more could you ask for?

Photo 06-05-2020, 08 58 23 (2)

2 looks in 1…Need I say more?

Yes, you guessed it, we are talking overskirts!

We think this style truly understands the modern bride. Show off your stunning figure whilst indulging your inner hopeless romantic. Beautiful, sleek and utterly individual.

We love the idea of adding dimension to your mermaid silhouette with a detachable overskirt. Fabrics like tulle and organza will gracefully follow you down the aisle without weighing you down. Create effortless ethereal vibes without any bulk.

Whats even better is that most styles are fully detachable for the evening. Meaning that you can dance the night away with your loved ones without worrying about standing on your gown. Bring on the party!

Photo 05-05-2020, 21 31 38 (1)
Photo 05-05-2020, 21 31 38

Veils, veils, veils!

Whether your looking for barely there or sheer extravagance we got you girls!

From 2 tier classics to crystal scatters this stunning addition to your dress is steeped in tradition. (We’re pretty sure that it gets you the tears on the day too!)

We find that even though weddings are always evolving there is something uniquely romantic about a veil. Not to mention timeless.

We love a veil and specialise in veil styling to complete your look without ever overwhelming. Even you girls that swear you won’t wear one, just trust us…we have the veil for you.

Photo 05-05-2020, 21 32 03
Photo 05-05-2020, 21 31 33
Photo 05-05-2020, 21 31 36 (1)
Photo 06-05-2020, 08 58 09

Still not a veil girl? We got just the thing for you…

Let’s up the ante! Think chic Carrie Bradshaw vibes…

We think that your big day is all about glamour and what better way to command the stage than a stunning cape to perfectly complement your gown.

Hold something back for a big reveal whilst perfectly complimenting your dress underneath.

A cape is the perfect way to inject some serious drama…Think of the entrance you could make!

Photo 06-05-2020, 08 58 23 (1)
Photo 06-05-2020, 08 58 24 (1)
Photo 05-05-2020, 21 31 36 (2)
Photo 05-05-2020, 21 31 35 (1)
Photo 05-05-2020, 21 31 35

Out with the old, in with the new hue!

We are sure Miranda Priestly would approve of the new tones and colours shown in the catwalks this season. We’re seeing nude, buff and more metallic’s that ever before!

We know that the traditional looks of white and ivory aren’t for everyone but with more nude than ever available, you can guarantee there is a colour to compliment every skin tone.

Sparkles are huge for the coming season and we couldn’t be more excited, it’s something we have all been waiting for! Its contemporary, sexy and oh so glam!

Adding colour to your dress is daring yet sophisticated…we have serious dress envy! We would be thinking minimal for hair, makeup and accessories. Let your dress do the talking…

Photo 05-05-2020, 21 31 28
Photo 06-05-2020, 08 58 23 (3)
Photo 06-05-2020, 08 58 23 (4)
Photo 06-05-2020, 08 58 24
Photo 06-05-2020, 08 58 23

Fabulous Frills…

Who would have thought it?! If you don’t believe us check the runways to see how fabulous frills can be. It is nothing new in Bridal, but this season has seen a new style appear…que layers and froth!

Let me explain…This dreamy, weightless new spin on styling is not one to miss. Think bridal without being serious.

In previous years we have seen a very subtle approach to layering within wedding dresses but not for long. Its now the bigger the better and we love it! Whether you want fitted and fabulous or a full skirt perfect for twirling we have something for you. The designers have really perfected this look and created the perfect balance of layering and weightlessness. You get all the drama without being weighed down. What more could you possibly want?!

Photo 05-05-2020, 21 31 28 (1)
Photo 05-05-2020, 21 31 36

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