Top Tips to finding the perfect Wedding dress style for your body shape…

8th July 2020

Top Tips to finding the perfect Wedding dress style for your body shape…

Okay girls, we know that starting the search for your dream dress can be daunting but do not worry we are here to help!

We know that most girls will already have images in their head (Or a camera roll full of screenshots to be more precise) of their perfect dress before they even step foot into a bridal boutique but as the saying goes “You won’t know until you try” and this couldn’t be more true when finding the one! Sometimes the dresses you have screenshot and saved suit your shape perfectly and it all works out how you had wished but it doesn’t always work like that and that is where we are here to help…

We always encourage girls to try on all the different wedding dress shapes and styles to help find the shape that suits them the most and not just what they had in their head as its so common that brides completely change what they want when they have tried a mix of shapes and styles on (And who would say no to trying on more stunning dresses?!)

We completely understand that most girls have ‘best assets’ that they want to show off and we are all for that but it’s not often that we speak about the ‘Not so well-liked areas’ and this is usually what we find people worry about when looking for their dress. So instead of shying away let’s get talking about them because believe it or not you aren’t the only one who is worried about having a prosecco bloat or our arms not looking as toned as we had hoped in the pictures!


We have lost count of the number of times girls say to us that they hate their arms! They are too big, too thin, too muscly or blotchy and although they are probably nothing of the sort, we have still got you covered! (You see what we did there 😉)

It’s easy to think that if you do not like an area its best to completely cover it but we couldn’t disagree more. Believe it or not, it can sometimes draw more attention to a specific body part. It is definitely worth trying a dress with a full sleeve to see what we mean but most designers have now come up with a discreet and innovative way to conceal without drawing attention…

Off the shoulder sleeves: A way to add instant romance…This will cover the widest part of your arm whilst also drawing your eye out to make your waist appear smaller (Win, win I know!) We can add these to any strapless dress, and they can be made as detailed as you desire. They can even be made detachable for the evening so that once you’ve had a glass of champagne or two you can dance the night away with no restrictions.


Capes: I mean talk about on-trend…Not only will you look beyond chic, but you will also be covering your whole arm without having to wear a tight sleeve all day. You can, of course, take this off for the evening and feel like you have a completely different dress…Perfect right?!


Shoulder trains: We are absolutely loving these for the new season…A veil and cape in one! These super versatile accessories work with most dresses and can be worn to add cover on the arms or behind you to create a veil effect (What more could you want!) Again, these can even be made detachable for the evening.



We say, ‘If you’ve got it flaunt it!’ but we want you to feel comfortable and more importantly flattered on your special day! It’s all about the support for your bust and luckily for us, our fabulous designers are experts and have created ‘secret support’ systems in lots of stunning gowns!

Strapless dresses: let’s be honest…The last thing you would think you want in a dress if you are concerned about your bust is to have no straps, but this is where you are wrong! Let me explain…

So, imagine the best fitting bra you own…comfortable, holds you in place and most importantly looks great. Now imagine that feeling in your wedding dress! With the help of our super talented dress designers, we can have the dresses made to your exact measurements to fit you exactly as you want it! The bodice of a strapless dress has the perfect boning to not only cinch in your waist but also hold your dress in place so trust us when we say that you would not have to pull it up once, it’s going nowhere!


Narrow plunges: Again, it is all about the support if you prefer a plunge neckline. We need the boning to give you the support from your waist up and then preferably a wide strap to hold you in position. A soft lace or applique around the neckline provides a softer edge and will give you more cover on your bust without looking too concealed.



It’s true, we always want what we don’t have! Girls with bigger busts want to be smaller and girls with smaller busts more often than not want to be bigger but let’s work with what we have ladies!

Usually girls think it will limit their dress options if they feel that they will not fill the dress out properly but do not worry we can help!

Take the plunge: We absolutely love a deep neckline! It is not only flattering on your bust but also highlights your waist to create the perfect shape. A scalloped neckline or ornate detail will soften a harsh neckline to give the appearance of fullness. Plus, most dresses have moulded cups already within them so no need to worry about wanting to wear a bra.


Strapless dresses: As previously mentioned our dresses can be made to your exact measurements so instead of ordering a dress in one size, we can have the bust made to fit you perfectly so no need to worry! We can even add some discreet padding into the cups for a subtle cleavage boost (No one needs to know 😉).



We really do want you to feel the best version on your self on our wedding day and what better way than to show off your shape! Remember that there is nothing more attractive than confidence and your partner loves you so hopefully, you do too!

We need to not be afraid to show our shape whilst also highlighting our best assets. Our advice is to choose your favourite area and let’s find a dress that accentuates this!

Fuller hips: We know that in day to day clothes it isn’t always easy to get the perfect fit but trust us when we say, ‘We got you!’. Whether you prefer a soft fitted dress or a dramatic fishtail we need to show off your shape! There is no doubt that you will blow your partner away when they see you walking down the aisle with a dress flawlessly made to emphasize those curves.


Cinch that waist girls: Look for dresses with a boned body/ corset waist to really accentuate your waist! For a romantic, classic look go for a fuller skirt to really emphasise your waist or a gorgeous fishtail style for the perfect hourglass figure…


*White Gallery Girls Top Tip: If you are worried about bloating during your big day, look for dresses with detail that continues from the waist over the stomach. Not only will this disguise any prosecco bloating (let’s be real, it’s to be expected!) but it will also help to cinch your waist and stomach in. Detailed applique, heavy ornate lace or beaded detail not only look great but also provide extra support 😉


We find that a lot of women worry about being too small to wear the dress of their dreams when they have seen the promo shots of a 5’10” model strutting her stuff but you really do have nothing to worry about! Unfortunately, we weren’t all ‘blessed’ when it comes to our height, but our designers are one step ahead of you. Most dresses can be amended for your shape and size so that you do not lose any detail when it is taken up to your height. No one would know it’s even been altered!


In fact this does not limit you at all in our store…Whether you want a glamourous, sexy, figure hugging fishtail, a simple, elegant and classic fitted style or a full skirt fairy-tale style for your big day we really do have you covered.


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