Sexy wedding dress…There we said it!

15th January 2021

Sexy Wedding Dress


Listen up, ladies! It’s 2021, you can feel however you want to feel as a bride – You do you!

Remember that the day is about you and your partner, it is important to have what feels right for you! No bride should ever feel that she is playing dress up on her big day, the dress has to be a representation of you and if you want to feel sexy then why not?!

sexy wedding dress style

Of course, it has a different meaning to everyone, whether you want to show your silhouette, a bit of leg, have a sultry scoop back or even a bit of cleavage then we are all for it (Although that is definitely more of an either/or situation there girls. We don’t want to be giving any grandparents a heart attack when you walk down the aisle!) We are looking to feel sexy without being provocative, there is definitely a fine line, but we got you…

Strapless or plunge, fitted or floaty, you can be effortless sexy- It is all about the cut of the dress. Embracing your shape whilst still leaving a little something to the imagination.

“Dare to be different and make sure that all eyes are on you!”

sexy wedding look
back of sexy wedding dress

“Underwear as outerwear has never been more on trend!”

sexy dress

“Using Victoria Secret as inspo girls – Who wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle with a dash of their confidence”.

sexy wedding dress in the street

“Just wait until you see his reaction…”

flowing sexy look wedding dress

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