Rush Wedding – No problem!

8th March 2021

Rush Wedding – No Problem

With COVID governing our lives for the last year, we realise that Wedding Planning has really been far from ideal. It has meant that weddings have had to be postponed, postponed again and in some cases even cancelled ☹ The good news is that things are finally starting to look up!

We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel which means that weddings are going to back before we know it!

In saying this we realise that we now have brides out there who are forced to plan an entire wedding in as little as a few months – We thought long and hard about how we can help brides and do not worry, we have a solution!

We are so excited to launch our SAMPLE SALE SHOWROOM!

This is a new room in the store showcasing our fabulous collection of sale dresses that are available to take home the very same day – the perfect solution for anyone whose wedding is right around the corner. To explain exactly how this will work we have put together some FAQ’s to explain everything there is you need to know…

What sizes are the dresses?

Our sample collection ranges from size 6 to size 12 and we have a large range of styles available. All the dresses have never been altered and so are ready to have our fabulous seamstresses work their magic and have them made to fit you perfectly for your big day.

What is the price range of the sample dresses?

Of course, the price of the sample dresses have been reduced significantly with some dresses with up to 70% off! (I know, hard to believe right?!)

The collection will range from £350- around £1500…

Why choose a sample dress?

Although some people may be hesitant at the thought of a ‘Sample Dress’ there really is no need to be! The sample dresses have only ever been tried in the store and are in great condition. Most of our dresses can be dry cleaned before your big day so that they will feel brand new for you. As mentioned previously they have never been altered and so are ready to be tweaked by a seamstress to fit you perfectly (Just as it would be if we ordered a dress in the closest size to fit you – most dresses need a final tweak 😊)

I suppose the main benefit of choosing a sample gown is that they are ready to take away the very same day. That means that if your wedding is coming up sooner than expected there is no need to worry about order times on dresses.

How to book an appointment?

We are taking appointments specifically to see the sale collection so if you wish to book in (I mean why wouldn’t you?!) please email us at with your preferred dates and times and we would be more than happy to check the diary for you.

As the Sale collection has its very own showroom on our 1st floor, we will need you to specify in your enquiry that you want to see the sale dresses.

Can I see the Sale collection and the Non-Sale collection in the same appointment?

As the Sample sale is in its own showroom, we would need a separate appointment to view the ‘Normal’ collection. If you are specifically looking for a sample sale dress, then we recommend just looking in the sale room.

If you are looking to try on the full collection but would like to see what samples are available, then we would suggest booking an appointment to view the full collection and if time permits within your fitting and the sample room is not in use, we will of course take you up to show you the dresses available. Don’t worry we will not let you miss out!

What happens when you find ‘The One’ (Because with our collection we are sure you will!)?

Once you have chosen your dress, we will go through any necessary alterations with you and show you how the dress will fit when tailored to your body.

We will then have a look at any accessories that you are interested in (Of course if time permits, if not we can book a separate appointment to look at accessories) and help you pick out the perfect veil or hair accessories to complete your look.

Your dress will be prepared to take home. Each dress is hung within a breathable gown cover so that it can simply be hung at home and you won’t need to worry about it. Oh, and don’t worry ladies the gown cover is opaque, so he won’t be catching a glimpse of your dress before he sees you walking down that aisle.

Before you get to take your dress, we will provide you with the number for one of our fabulous seamstresses. We will advise you of when to book in with her and of course be on hand should you need any further advice.

Your seamstress will do the alterations on your gown a about 2 months before your big day to ensure the final fit is nothing short of perfect.

So, what are you waiting for?! Email us now to book in…

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