Our top tips for planning your big day!

15th April 2020

Our top tips for planning your big day!

Firstly, make the most of your engagement, it is such an exciting time and it must be celebrated with your loved ones!

Choose a preferred date for your wedding.

Whether you’re planning a stunning UK venue or an exotic getaway, you and your partner need to agree on when you want to get married. Our advice would be to have a date in your head but try and be open to alternatives if need be. You would rather be flexible and have the venue you have dreamt of since being a little girl.


What wedding style do you have in mind?

It Is sometimes best to have an image in your head of what you want (Think pinterest boards or a good old fashioned mood board) before you start looking into wedding planners because you want to ensure that they can reflect your style as a couple. Most wedding planners can help with a large selection of wedding styles, but some specialise in certain looks so make sure you do your research and find the one that is perfect for you both. If you have no idea what you want then no need to worry, that is what a wedding planner/stylist’s are there to help with. They are there to assist you every step of the way.

Choosing your wedding party – avoid any dramas and most importantly make it fun!

A lot of brides find choosing bridesmaids a stressful part of wedding planning and we find this so sad. Just think, you’re only going to have this day once. Have people with you that YOU want in your bridal party (Think… Who will help you along the way, make you smile when you’re stressing and will be ready and waiting with the Prosecco amidst the madness on the morning of your wedding!) We understand that it can be hard not being able to choose all of your close friends and you never want to upset anyone but without being a ‘Bridezilla’ it is your day so don’t feel obliged to people please and choose from your heart. 


The boring stuff (We say check this off the list and then don’t think about it again!)

So we hate to be the serious ones but we couldn’t recommend Wedding Insurance more. Be sensible and again do your research, don’t just choose the first one that you see.

Another subject that no one likes to discuss is…You guessed it, Budget! Once you and your partner sit down and talk it out, trust us you will feel so much better about it. You need to decide what you want to spend on each different aspect of the day including any contributions from generous family or friends. Just think about this part like a plaster, just rip it off and Voila, all done 😊


Choose your Dream Team!

Again, we cannot stress enough how important your research is. You do not want to waste yours or anyone elses time in meetings with people who do not represent your style. You’re going to need a Photographer, Videographer, caterer, Cake stylist, Make up and hair stylists,  DJ or Band and of course a fabulous florist! (See below for our recommendations)

Guest list planning.

Again, we know this can be stressful so our advice is to make a night of it…Get a bottle of wine and put on a wedding playlist to get you in the mood for the big day. Some people plan for a lot of guests to not attend but lets be honest we know that anyone you invite is going to want to be there so plan as though everyone will attend. Its also worth keeping a few spaces open just incase you have forgotten anyone or their plus ones. Getting your guest list sorted early on should make sending your save the dates and your seat planning much easier.


Finding options for your Ceremony and Reception.

As the saying goes ‘When you know, you know’ and trust us you will! Your venue needs to be perfect for both of you so don’t rush your decision, you need to explore all the options available. Saying that you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with too many options so look at the images on social media as well as the websites to get a real feel for the venues before you book a tour, so its not too much to take In all at once.

The most exciting part (We would say that though wouldn’t we!)…THE DRESS!

Let’s be honest girls, this is what everyone’s waiting to see and who can blame them. We really are here to help you every step of the way with this part so for our advice read our previous blog ’10 top tips for picking your dream dress’ for all the answers you could need.


It’s all about looking good, feeling good!

Girls, trust us, we get it. Every bride wants to feel their absolute best on their wedding day but please don’t put yourself under too much pressure. Yes its cliché but you really do have to remember that your partner loves you for you so don’t try and change too much. If you’re wanting to get in shape or loose a little of that ‘self isolation weight’ (That we know most of us have gained) then try and get into a fitness routine sooner rather than later. It may be worth finding a personal trainer to help you along your journey and keep you on track. Trust us you’ll feel better about trying on dresses too if you feel confident in yourself and nothing is more beautiful than a woman that feels good!

We want you to enjoy the run up to your wedding day without calorie counting (or limiting the prosecco…)  It is such an important part of your wedding and you need to enjoy every moment <3


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