Noya 'Shakespeare Collection'

Noya Shakespeare Wedding Dresses

With the strong and influential women of Shakespeare as Dalal’s muse, she conceptualized each gown from her sketch to be worn by brides seeking to stand out and highlight their individuality.

The entire Noya Shakespeare collection enables brides to combine romance with a definite edge. Shimmering tulles, luxurious laces, and stunning embellishments are used to spotlight the bride and certainly captivate a room. In keeping with classic Riki Dalal style, her gowns uphold an elegant effortlessness with a modern twist.

The artful use of detailed laces and varying fabrics combined with extraordinary craftsmanship, attention to detail and modern cuts, have enabled Riki Dalal to become distinguished by her stylistic inventiveness and fashion-forward thinking. Although each gown is fresh and contemporary, all of the styles have reminiscent qualities of the romantic impressions within Shakespeare’s greatest works.


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