How to choose your wedding vibe/design – Ideas for your big day

24th August 2020

How to choose your wedding vibe/design – ideas for your big day.

We know that when you’re planning your big day it can feel a little overwhelming and sometimes it can feel that you actually have too many options to be able to make any final decisions…But don’t worry, we are here to help!

The most important thing to remember is that your wedding day should be a representation of you as a couple! In the whirlwind of a wedding this can easily be forgotten but please keep this at the front of your mind because the day is all about celebrating the two of you and your love for each other. (Sounds cliché but it’s true!)

No matter where your wedding is, planning will be much easier once you choose your ‘Vibe’. So, to help I have broken it down into the main wedding styles. Once you choose your wedding ‘theme’ you need to put your own spin on it to make it your own…Make it all about the two of you and the rest will fall into place.



You do not want to feel like you are playing dress up on your big day, you need to feel like YOU (Well the very best version of you of course) so don’t think that you need to be all prim and proper just because you’re getting married. If you have relaxed boho vibe then let it show!

image1 3

I’m thinking pampas grass, flower crowns, textures, and a super relaxed feel. Whether you are getting married on the beach, a stunning vineyard, or a rustic barn this is a great style to go for. Do not be mistaken that although this look is very effortless and easy going it still takes work to make it fabulous enough for such a special day. You can never go overboard with candles and fairy lights so keep it romantic and intimate for the evening for everyone to let their hair down.


Neutral tones would work amazingly…Sage green, soft pinks and beiges for your table settings & bridesmaids to tie in beautifully with a mix of over the top foliage for your bouquet.

So, the most important part…The dress! Whether you want fitted or floaty, we have the one for you. A lot of brides are put off this style because they think you wouldn’t feel glamourous, but you absolutely can.


This really is ‘The look of love’. Beth married her real-life Prince Charming with the dreamiest wedding. Her big day was both glamourous and oh so romantic in ‘Juliet by Riki Dalal’.


I mean talk about stunning! That train walking down the aisle would bring a tear to anyone’s eye. Them straps hanging off the shoulder are a great way to keep it relaxed whilst adding a touch of romance to your look. The lace is out of this world and what a refreshing change to not have sparkle on a wedding dress.  A fabulous flower crown would really finish this look off.


“Chic take on the classic bride”

There is a reason that classic never goes out of style!

Keep your colour scheme neutral or why not add a hint of colour to spice things up! You really can make this style of wedding your own. If you are the kind of couple who have always envisioned a traditional wedding day, then go for it! Keeping it classic does not mean that its overdone if you do it right.

This style of wedding is perfect for a venue that doesn’t need much accessorising. Some rooms are stunning enough so work with what you have and keep it minimalistic and let your dress bring the drama…


This really does work to ‘put your own spin on it’ why not customise a plain style gown to completely make it your own! Over skirts, capes, veils…you name it you can add it. Your guests will think you have walked straight from the catwalk to the aisle.


Why not add a pop of colour to your theme to really make your wedding stand out. Red, Fuchsia, or even emerald keep that classic look but with a definitive edge. Maybe even use a similar lace to your dress with your table dressings to tie everything together and have a personal touch.


“Fairy tale, Whimsical”

Seriously girls, who doesn’t want to feel like Cinderella on your wedding day?!

If you are one of those couples who want their day to feel like a modern-day love story, then let’s do it! You can never go overboard with flowers, the more the better! A mix of different florals, soft colours and a hint of sparkle is the perfect way to create the most romantic day possible. Maybe even consider a later ceremony so that you can be completely lit up by candlelight…Twinkling away, how stunning!


It is your one day to be a princess, right? So, let’s do it!

Just look at that veil, it’s a modern twist to a classic look to have floral applique to match your dress (We are a sucker for a custom veil, what can we say).


Who doesn’t love a woodland photoshoot…Katie looks unbelievable in her bespoke Riki Dalal gown. A modern-day princess with the love of her life in her dream venue, take inspo ladies!


Sometimes impromptu pictures really are the best, capture the love and laughter of your day without being staged. It’s a great way to get a real feel for how much everyone enjoyed your magical day.


“Glitz & Glamour”

For the ultimate Divas out there, who really want that ‘Wow moment’ not only from their partner but anyone lucky enough to be invited to their fabulous day. This really is the opportunity to go all out and who can blame you…

Controversial I know but how about a dress code for your guests? That’s right, I’m talking Black tie! Why not, give everyone a chance to dress up for once…Just think how amazing the pictures would be.


We are a sucker for glitter and what a great way to make your day your own that to let your very own sparkle shine through! Pair it with a soft floral lace to complete that bridal feel and you are good to go!

I absolutely love the idea of teaming this look with ivory, black or even red bridesmaids for the ultimate glamour vibe…What a way to mix it up.


You can never go over the top (well within reason 😉 ) so don’t think that because you want to go dramatic with your look you have to tone down your décor and flowers…Lets face it, if you’re the ultimate glamour puss there is going to be very high expectations for your wedding!

Let him be in on the action and dress up too – Black tie looks fabulous for the groomsmen and I suppose it is their day too (Well supposedly…)



Embrace the texture and pop the colour – Go different and let your true style show!


Mix and match your bridesmaids in colour and style for a unique look. Maybe even go for the ‘multiway’ bridesmaids so that they can switch it up and change their dresses for the evening, after fulfilling their bridesmaid duties they deserve to let their hair down too!

image13 2

Flowers, sparkle, lace

The best combination to ever exist. Really, what more could you ask for?! Experiment with different textures, we back you all the way! If you decide a textured gown is the way to go, then do the same with your venue. Think 3D and bold. Eucalyptus leaves, sparkles, woodland decorations…the world is your oyster when it comes to the variations you can play around with, don’t be afraid!

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