Destination Weddings

11th May 2022

Destination Weddings

Lately, we have seen a huge increase in the number of couples deciding to have their wedding out of the country and we don’t blame them!

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and jet off with your nearest and dearest to your dream destination – The world is quite literally your oyster!

Soak up the sun, go wild in Vegas or even live it up on a yacht for the weekend…We have seen it all.

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Here are our top tips for planning a destination wedding to ensure everything runs smoothly and most importantly stress free!


I cannot stress enough how important this is! They really will be the difference between loving and hating wedding planning.

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Make sure you do your research because you need someone that you can trust to be a lifeline when it matters most. They need to be on hand to help manage bookings, appointments, help choose the final details and they also have the all-important task of translating to your vendors and suppliers if needed.

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Be honest with them and make sure that you are on the same page as they are there to help you create your perfect vision so you need to be clear and concise so that your day is everything you have dreamed of and why.

So, unless you are budgeting for some extra anti-wrinkle treatments, I would definitely recommend finding someone you can rely on to help keep everything under control.


We always say to our brides that you don’t need to plan your whole day around your venue but if definitely needs to be considered…For example, if you are planning a barn wedding in the countryside your dress doesn’t need to be rustic. You could most definitely bring a bit of glamour to your day by adding a touch of sparkle but you do need to bear in mind the size of the venue and maybe not opt for a dress with a huge train if it is going to end up covered in mud by the end of the day.

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The same thing can be said about planning a destination wedding…You must consider what type of location you are getting married in, how hot it will be, if you have any bridesmaids to help lay your train out or even if you will need to consider flats to be able to stroll on the beach.

(I know! Who knew so much thought had to go into planning a wedding?!)

beach wedding

The best thing to do is be really open and honest with your bridal advisor when you start your search for your dress so that they can help you choose a dress that not only looks fabulous but that is also perfect for your particular day.

With most our dresses coming from Israeli, South African or Australian designers we would say that they all specialise in comfortable and lightweight fabrics meaning that they will be perfect for any destination.

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This is so important – YOU CANNOT CHECK YOUR DRESS IN! Your bridal gown must travel in your hand luggage! (I mean just imagine if it went missing?!)

But do not worry, we are here to help…

We offer a packing service for bridal gowns (I told you we had everything covered!). Each gown along with any accessories such as a veil or shoes can be packed into our cabin size bridal cases which are also perfect for storing your dress after the big day.

We just need you to order a travel box and drop your dress off a few days before you fly. Then we will take care of the rest….

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TOP TIP: After travelling, your dress will most likely have a few creases so as soon as you get settled in your hotel let your dress hang from the highest hook available (Maybe the top of a door frame as long as it is secure) and ideally leave it for a day or two for the creases to drop out.

If you cannot leave it in a family member or friends’ room and you are worried that your partner will see it then it is best to take a double duvet cover (Not very glamourous I know but needs must!) this way you can put the dress in the cover to hang freely without worrying about it getting damaged or any wondering eyes taking a peek.

If after a day some of the creases haven’t dropped out then just use a steamer (Most wedding planners will have one but it may be best to plan that ahead with them) and gently go over any remaining creases until your dress looks perfect.

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We know that in the midst of all this planning things can get a little stressful but the best piece of advice is to ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!

The day is about the two of you and It is important that you focus on that and really do take in everything that you have planned and worked so hard for. After all they do say memories last a lifetime…

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