Body Confidence For Your Big Day – Guest Post

4th November 2020

Looks aren’t everything. But I do believe that when you feel you look your best, you hold yourself higher; you stand a little stronger; and you feel that bit more confident.


The question becomes ‘why do we always want to change something about our bodies?’ Why is there always something that we’re not happy with?

As a body transformation coach, to get long lasting results, I have to get to the bottom of this question. Because in all honesty, how many times have you lost the weight you wanted to, toned up, or stuck to your word and gone to the gym 4 times a week… but still not been entirely happy with the way you look or feel?

Body confidence is one of those immeasurable qualities that is different to each of us.

A beaming smile? Strength? Lean legs? Self-sufficient? Hour-glass figure? Witty? Perfect complexion? Independence?


I know… I know you can never seem to reach your ideal, that you can never seem to ‘just tone that part up’ or that you always seem to fall off track and think ‘you’ve had one, so you may as well go all out’….

Do you know the reason for this? The reason for ‘falling off track’, the reason for not maintaining your goal? And the reason for ending up back at square one?

It’s because it’s not the body you’re chasing… it’s the feeling you think that body will give you.

Let that sink in for a second.

What feeling are you missing in your life? What would that dream body allow you to do that you don’t right now? How will it make you feel that you don’t right now? How would life be different to now if you felt that way?

Now the question becomes, what are you using to fill that void at the moment? Alcohol? Chocolate? Crisps? Cake? Binge watching Netflix? Lying in until 10am? Staying up until 1am every night?

Starting to see a pattern yet?

A toned stomach, smaller waist, peachier butt and less of those bingo wings would be great but you’re too comfortable right now. If you’ve tried to change before, more times than once and ended up back where you started, it’s because you’re not uncomfortable enough.

I hate to be the one to tell you that you’re just too comfortable.

OK, OK, I know you’ll be thinking ‘so how do I get in shape for my wedding?’ right?

If you raise your standards and commit to show up for yourself until the big day, I promise you that you will feel how you always imagined that perfect body would make you feel.

But the secret is that it’s not the body, it’s proving to yourself that you can make it work, you can make the difference, you are worth the change, you deserve to feel jaw droppingly gorgeous and you deserve the higher standards for yourself!


Here are my 5 top tips where I recommend you start:

1. Start now! To make any meaningful change, you need at least 12 weeks of commitment prior to any event you’re working towards. (Hence my 90 day day signature programme).

2. If you’re stuck for time, no problem. 2 full body workouts a week will be adequate for meaningful change. And up it to 3, then 4 when you feel comfortable.

3. Include HIIT in your workout schedule, just 10-15 minutes at the end of your workout. Any additional HIIT sessions are a bonus! (HIIT is a perfect, time effective way to burn those calories).

4. Focus on 40% of your calories coming from good sources of protein. (chicken, turker, pea protein, tofu, yoghurt, whey, tuna, cod, to name a few).

5. Focus on resistance workouts. At home or in the gym. Resistance bands, or dumbbells.Tip: the last 2-3 reps should be pretty hard for you to achieve.


Guest Author

Hi, I’m Kim. The BodyKarma Coach! I help ambitious women create phenomenal body transformations so they can fiercely unleash their most confident self.

Other than the huge bonus of the dream body transformation, I work with clients to master their habits so the phenomenal body transformation can last longer than an event or a holiday.

I believe everyone has it in them to live a life of true confidence and fulfilment; they just need to tap into their desires, their potential, and recognise their worth. And when they’re ready to take massive action, I am here to guide their way and celebrate each and every win!

Never doubt your potential and always stand in your power.



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