Best Ideas For Your Wedding

10th February 2020

Best Ideas For Your Wedding

Here are some of our favourite ideas to help make your special day even more wonderful!

1) Make-Up Station

This one is for the ladies, and what a great idea it is! We are not talking a full makeover here but a touch up here and there. Hire a professional make-up artist and set up a little station for your guests to keep them looking and feeling wonderful whilst enjoying your special day.


2) Guest Transportation

If you need to transport your guests from the ceremony to the reception it can sometimes be a stressful or boring part of the day. Why not keep the fun flowing with creative ways to transport your guests such as a party bus, limousine and if you want to blow away your guests, get yourself a hot air balloon.


3) Drinks To Begin

Why not welcome your guests on the way to the ceremony with a light cocktail on arrival. This is something that your guests will not be expecting and we think can provide a nice touch to the beginning of your day. Offer both alcoholic and non alcoholic options and tone down how strong the alcoholic ones are, we don’t want your guests to peak too early.

4) Polaroid Guest Book

Provide your guest with a polaroid camera next to the guest book so you can capture more memories of your day and allow your guests to feel more involved. It’s great to put a picture with the guestbook entries to make it that little bit more special.

5) Enhance That First Dance

The first dance is one of the best moments of your wedding day. So lets ramp that experience up a bit with confetti! This will make the first dance more of a spectacle as well as provide a great opportunity to get some amazing photos.

We hope you have found some inspiration from this list of wedding ideas to help make your day extra special.

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