Advice on looking for your wedding dress

22nd June 2022

Advice on looking for your wedding dress

Not got a clue where to start when looking for your dress?

Trust us, we get it! When planning a wedding, things can quickly go from exciting to stressful and we are here to tell you that finding your dress doesn’t need to be one of those things!

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I know it seems like you don’t know how it all works or where to start but here are some of our top tips to help make it as fun as it should be…

Give yourself enough time:

“How long before the wedding should I be looking for my dress?”

This has to be our ‘most asked’ question and we do not blame you. No one gets engaged and gets a Brides Handbook to explain how everything works so its hard to know when to start. Let us help…

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Each store is slightly different but a general rule is that the magic number is 12!

If you give yourself 12 months before the big day to order your dress everything is guaranteed to run perfectly and more importantly stress free!

We like brides to have time on their side so for example here’s how it works:

1-2 Months to find ‘THE ONE’

6-8 Months for the dress to be made and to arrive in store

1.5-2 Months for the seamstress to make any necessary alterations to ensure the perfect fit!

Check the store out before you book an appointment:

Our best bit of advice is for brides to look at the socials and the websites of stores before they book an appointment to see if they like the ‘Vibe’. The reason I say this is that most stores specialise in a particular look; whether their style is unique, sexy, traditional, boho or glamorous you need to get a feel for what they do and see if you have any interest before you plan a visit.

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For example, if you want something super glamour and aren’t afraid to show yourself off and you visit a store that solely focuses on traditional and ‘plainer’ styles you probably aren’t going to have much interest in the dresses and could end up leaving disappointed.

I’m not saying that one stores ‘vibe’ is better than another, not at all! It is just that brides can quickly start thinking they don’t like any dresses and potentially start panicking about finding a dress if they have maybe unintentionally only been to shops that have nothing that they like.

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Moral of the story…Do your research and check you like the style before you book!

Be willing to travel out of your area to a particular store:

Now I’m not saying that you need to be touring the UK to find ‘The One’ but it may be worth making a day out of it and travelling an hour or so if you have found a particular store that you are dying to visit.

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I think it is only natural to want to start looking in your local area as it is very convenient but we are always surprised how far people travel to visit us (We definitely take it as a compliment!) and we can always help you make a day of it by recommending local bars and restaurants that are perfect for after your appointment. It is a special day after all so why not make the most of it!

I think brides are always shocked how easily accessible we are from most areas in the UK…

Liverpool: Approximately 1 hour away and easily accessible via M6 or M62

Cheshire: 1 hour 15 minutes away and really easy to get to us via M56 and M602

Birmingham: Just over 2 hours away and a direct route available using M6

Lake District: Depending on the location travel time is between 2 hours and 3.5 and various routes available

Trust us if you find ‘The One’ the drive will most definitely be worth it!

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Don’t overwhelm yourself:

When brides first start trying dresses everything is so exciting and fun and we really think that it should be like this every time you visit a store. Sadly, we have seen so many brides recently that have either done too many stores in one day and are quite frankly tired and sick of trying dresses on or they have seen themselves in too many dresses and feel like the excitement is wearing down…This is the last thing we want!

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All I can say on this is that just bear in mind how many shops you book at once and really try not to over do it and waste your time visiting shops that you aren’t particularly interested in. I recommend doing no more than 2 shops in a day and I also don’t advise doing full weekends of trying on as you really can end up going ‘DRESS BLIND’. It is a real thing trust me!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the process:

We always want choosing your dress to be a completely stress-free experience – as it should be! So, try not to overthink too much before you start trying.

We never expect brides to know exactly what they want because that is what we are here for! The best advice I can give is to be openminded because you would be shocked how many brides think they want one thing and leave wanting something completely different. You just don’t know until you try…

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On the topic of being relaxed it is also important to really consider the guests that you invite. You need honest opinions and people to help you choose the perfect dress so pick wisely. I also strongly advise not to bring too many people (especially your first time trying) as the appointment can already feel a little overwhelming, never mind with loads of different opinions being thrown about.

Appointments in our store are each in a private bridal suite so that you can have full privacy with your loved ones and we also have a fabulous bridal stylist to assist throughout the whole appointment. The suites comfortably sit yourself plus 2 guests (We can fit 3 if necessary but they are designed for 2 guests to have plenty of space). The reason that we have designed the rooms like this is to allow for you to bring your nearest and dearest without feeling overwhelmed when making such a big decision. Not to worry though, If you would like to show more than 3 guests as we will always be willing to make a further appointment should you find a dress you love and want to show more guests! (We promise no one will miss out…)

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The best piece of advice we can give is to ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!

Need help finding your perfect dress?