10 tips when picking your dream wedding dress

24th March 2020

10 tips when picking your dream wedding dress

Here are some of our tips we feel are important when picking your dream wedding dress.

1).  Be open to trying on dresses you would never normally be attracted to.

It is very rare that you will find your perfect dress with the first try, it’s a big decision and one that can take time, to find ‘the one’. We are here to help you and guide you to find your style. We often find that brides come into our store with a perfect idea of how they see themselves as a bride…which sometimes isn’t all they thought when it comes to trying that style on. That’s where we come in, we don’t expect you to know what you want, that’s our job. All we need is an open mind, and trust us to work out magic…

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2).  Stay true to you

No doubt you will want to have help with you when choosing your dress, whether that be your mother, sister or friends, but be sure to go with what you love and not just the opinions of your friends and family. It is your dream dress, not theirs. Don’t be scared to say what you like, its your day. Sometimes dresses can make you feel a certain way, which your guests might not feel initially, but just wait until they see your face light up when you say ‘Yes to the dress’!

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3). It’s about how you feel

The dress that makes you feel the best is the one! It may be a style that you did not think you wanted but it all comes down to your feelings. Go with the one that makes you feel your best. Trust your gut feeling, its never wrong.

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4). Make sure you can enjoy your day in your dress

You’re not going to feel as free as you do in your pyjamas (It’s a shame, we know!), however, you need to feel like you as a bride, not playing dress up. This means being completely comfortable in your dress. After all, you have to smile all day, and you will have all eyes on you, so you need to own it!

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5). Keep the season in mind

There a reason why we put a big emphasis on choosing your venue before you choose the dress. The season you are getting married in matters. If you are getting married in summer in Italy, we need to bare in mind how well a dress will travel, will it be light weight and cool for you to enjoy your day to its full potential. If it’s winter in England, we can really push that sparkle to make sure you stand out in the darker evenings.

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6). Every inch of your dress is important

It’s common for us to hear that a bride wants to focus on one area of the gown, for example ‘I love a low back, everything else I don’t mind’. Of course, you are looking for a dress that shows off your assets, however its important that it looks beautiful all over, from every angle. You cannot guarantee which angle your favourite picture is going to be from, so you need to make sure you love every inch of your dress.

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7). Ask lots of questions

If you have any questions about your dress, please ask. Don’t have any worries on your mind that can be put to rest by us. We are here to make sure you are feeling your very best on your big day, and before you worry, there are no stupid questions in our store…

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8). Keep the dress away from home

Once you have your perfect dress, it can be a good idea to not keep it at home as you don’t want your partner to peek, or risk you trying it on each and every weekend. We are more than happy to keep your gown in storage from you to avoid temptation.


9). Be 100% sure when you say yes to that dress!

The perfect dress should feel just right for you. If there is some doubt, sleep on it, then decide. We will never let a bride order on her first visit, unless we feel its 100% the perfect fit, we always advise to sleep on it. Then when you realise you cant stop thinking about it, you’ve made the right choice…


10). Stop Looking

Once you have found your perfect dress, make sure to stop looking. By all means, you can admire our selection of gowns on the socials, however, trust your judgement that you’ve made the right choice. Now relax and look forward to your big day.

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