Congratulations on your engagement

and welcome to The White Gallery


We have provided answers to commonly asked questions to help you understand this exciting process. Hopefully these answers should give you an idea of what to expect when shopping for your prefect gown.

When should I start looking for my dress?

This depends completely on the individual however we strongly suggest that you have a strong brief and budget in mind, allowing us to help you find the designer which is right for you. We would suggest that you shop approximately ten months in advance of your wedding; this is ideal as it gives you two months to narrow your search and then a generous lead time to enjoy and eliminate any stress.

How do bridal appointments work?

At The White Gallery, we believe that the process of choosing your perfect grown should be enjoyable and relaxed on a one to one basis. We want all our brides to enjoy trying on a selection of designs, and our two style consultants will help you to choose the gown that sets the desired tone for your wedding and expresses your personal style. It is common that most brides are not the exact sample size, which means that you may have to visualise how the dresses would look when they are made in the correct size. It’s important to focus on the style of the dress, fabric, colour and details when making your choice and find the connection that is often felt with ‘the dress’.

What should I bring to my appointment?

We suggest that you wear nude, seamless undergarments and a strapless bra. If weight loss is desired before the wedding control underwear such as Spanx are good to wear. We do have a selection of shoes for you but feel free to bring a pair from home if you would prefer. When you come to the appointment it is best to keep an open mind allowing you to try a variety of styles suggested by our experienced staff. We have many years experience of helping all our brides to look beautiful, and in most cases we often present a selection of dresses containing ‘the one’.

Who should I bring with me to my appointment?

It common for many brides to bring someone to accompany them to their first consultation. We suggest a maximum of two or three guests, usually your mother and a friend or sister. From our experience we know that if too many opinions are offered, it can create confusion. Reminder to friends and family, although you may have a set idea of how you see the brides, it may differ from her vision. It must be remembered that it is her day and it will help to provide love and support to find a gown that expresses her unique personality and beauty.

Are photographs allowed in the store?

If it is essential, we will allow photographs. However it is possible that these pictures can lead to concerns as phone images can provide bad lighting and not give a true reflection of the actual dress. We honestly believe that ‘the one’ will be remembered for how it makes you feel.

How many times can I come to The White Gallery?

Most brides will follow up their first appointment with a second viewing of the gown/s that they loved the most (which we will keep a record of). When the dress is decided the appointment can take up to an hour so that accessories can be tried on and measurements can be recorded.

What is the price range of the collection?

We have a number of gowns in our collection starting from £500. More exclusive designers and couture ranges start from £1200 up to £3500.

When should I order my gown?

Our lead time is six to eight months which includes the dress being ordered, made, delivered and then time can be allocated for alterations. The sooner you place an order the better as it allows more control, leading to you feeling more relaxed.

How and when do I pay for the gown?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to place your order. The balance is due within seven days of the dress arriving into store. Given that all our gowns are made to order, all sales are final meaning that no refunds, exchanges or credit notes are available.